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Successful improvisation stems from having a supportive environment that allows students to trust their fellow improvisers. That support and trust allows players to take greater risks, gain confidence in their choices, themselves, and their fellow students. This, in turn, leads students to surrender to the fun of play and discovery. Call to register for classes: 630-585-0300


Improv 1 begins Oct 8th Register Now

Not everyone has the dream to be an actor on stage. So how would Improv help me? Improv is helpful in all aspects of life. Here at The Comedy Shrine we promote “out of the box thinking”. Come learn the ability to think on your feet, be ready for anything, and just plain have fun. Tuesday, Oct 8 Dave Sinker (Improv Classes for Adults/Students 18 and older) 8 weeks  7 pm to 9:30 pm Cost $250

Adult Level 1 Improv

Teaches the fundamentals of improvisation for the non-professional actor. This class is also good for the actor with little to no experience in improv. Build self-confidence, develop your creativity, experiment, have fun and make new friends. For Information or to register please call the box office Cost: $250.00 Day & Time:Tuesday 7-9:30pm Upcoming class dates: TBA-Call our Box office for info


Adult Level 2 & 3 Improv

Level 2 & 3 builds on the fundamentals of improvisation in Level 1. Please specify which level you would like to sign up for. Levels 2 & 3 are available upon completion of Level 1 Cost: $250.00 Day & Time: Wednesdays  7-9:30pm Upcoming class dates: TBA-Call our Box office for info

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